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What's cooking?   A four-class cooking course for newlyweds.
Makes a unique and helpful wedding gift.

Homemade soups are easy, healthy and delicious.

Putting on delicious and healthy meals at home should be fun and easy.
.Homemade soups are easy, healthy and delicious.

Learn to Cook
Empower yourself
Impress your friends
Eat healthy
Save money

What's cooking? (What Mom didn’t teach you.)

Does the thought of "what to fix for dinner" after a long day send you straight to the fast food restaurants? Does a little voice in your head say "cooking is too much work for me”?

This class is for you! Karen and Tom Reid are setting out to teach you that cooking healthy, delicious, inexpensive meals at home should be EASY and FUN! Sign up and get your friends to come too!

Informative for just you, more fun with your friend and lover -- this is a perfect couples class for the Bride AND Groom. We have room for 4 couples in each session. Have fun and learn skills with your friends around our large and comfortable teaching island.

In FOUR lessons, each one with a delicious meal included, you will learn everything you need to get cooking at home.

Even if you have been cooking for a while, we can make it more fun and efficient. This course will offer you dozens of great technique tips to hone your cooking skills.

Classes are held at McKenzie Orchards Bed and Breakfast and Cooking School
– our beautiful modern inn on the McKenzie River near Eugene and Springfield.

Classes meet Friday nights from 6 to 8:30 pm and include dinner.
First class: April 2, 9, 16, and 23, 2010.

Cost: 4 lesson course (includes 4 complete dinners) = $180
Couples discount: two persons for $320 ($40 discount off the singles price).

To sign up or for more information, call Karen Reid at 541-515-8153

Lesson Plan

Dinner Menu

Grilled meals are everyone's favorite.
Grilled meals are everyone's favorites.

Lesson 1. Grilling, Meat and Potatoes

Of course, we'll start with meat and potatoes, the staples of many dinner menus.

Grilling “Every guy likes to grill”
There’s more to it than you think.
Tom will teach you how to grill perfect meats, poultry, vegetables, fish.

Everything you need to know about potatoes.
Buttermilk mashed potatoes
Perfect baked potatoes
Twice-baked potatoes
Oven fries
Crispy breakfast potatoes
Fancy potato galette


“Surf and turf” – grilled shrimp skewer and steak

Grilled Vegetables

Your choice of potatoes from the class

Green salad

Ice cream sundae
Gourmet salads are quick and so healthy.
Fix a gourmet salad in no time. Endless variations. Roast chicken and vegetables potpie
Leftover roast chicken, veggies, gravy and quick pastry topper -- Dinner!

Lesson 2. Kitchen Essentials + Salads

The Basics:
Kitchen equipment you should have, and why.
What is Essential and what is Really Not Needed.

Salads and salad dressings

How to put together the perfect salad your way. Make a big salad a part of every meal and you’ll eat more healthy and never say the word Diet.

How to roast a chicken and 10 excellent ways to use the leftovers

(try Chinese chicken salad, quesadillas, pot pies, chicken wrap)

Chicken quesadilla with sour cream, guacamole

Roast chicken with pan sauce

Green salad with chopped egg, avocado, crisps, and basic mustard vinaigrette

Strawberry tart
Homemade pizza is easy and better than take-out.
Homemade pizza -- easy, fast and way better than takeout. Lentil and sausage soup is a classic
Homemade lentil and smoked sausage soup -- comfort in a bowl.

Lesson 3. Shopping and Pantry Essentials, Soups and Pizza

How to Shop:

What to stock up on (your pantry)
What to buy only when you need it and use it up.

Soups (and Stews)

What makes a great soup and why it’s so easy
Make a big pot while you’re at it and freeze for busy day meals.
Easy and delicious stocks from what you have on hand
Protein (beans, meat, poultry)
Pasta and rice

Easy, quick pizza options to make at home

Crisp, quick crust from a split pita bread, great choice of toppings and cheeses.

BONUS: Breadmaking -- 3 great breads from one easy dough (pizza, pita, focaccia).

Italian white bean soup with fusilli, smoked sausage, and meatballs

Pizza: vegetarian – olive, red pepper, sweet onion, 3 cheese

Garlic bread

Green salad

Berry sorbet
Good stir-fry techique produces delicious results.
Good stir fry technique is easy to learn, and the results are yummy!

Lesson 4. Stir-fries and pasta


Stir fry essentials:
Aromatics (garlic, scallion, ginger)
Main event: Veggies, meat, poultry, seafood
Sauce ingredients (broth, cornstarch, soy sauce, sesame oil)
How to cook perfect rice every time


Great quick and delicious pasta options.

BONUS: Baking -- Simple technique for making tender muffins, quick breads and cakes.

Stir fry: chicken with black bean and vegetables

Pasta: Penne with bulk Italian sausage, roasted red bell pepper, fresh herbs (+ basic tomato sauce).

Green Salad

Upside-down cake and whipped cream topping
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